Beautiful sunset on the island of Abemama

On all the islands in Kiribati sunsets could be view beautifully on the islands and Abemama is one catching moment.
Abemama island is situated on the equator line across a vast ocean in the Republic of Kiribati and is a home for many. A number of Secondary Mission schools and Primary schools were long established on the islands together with staff at the Local council, clinic staff, police service staff and many more.
Shooting a photo at sunset and sunrise on the bridge at the local council area is one hotspot for a remembrance.
For those who are very keen in photography and others you can shoot a memorable pics and bring back with you for display.
One can visit the island three times a week on a small aero-plane for 20-30 minutes travel. A boat can be an alternative to take a trip to Abemama.
The people on the islands are very friendly, respect and kind.
The good time to visit the island is anytime of the year but Xmas and public holidays are the best.
Colorful pictures of the sunset could earn you a prize.

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