Election day for Kiribati new president

All ballot box and venue for general election were early opened today throughout Kiribati.

All mwaneaba and other venue for national election today opened this 7 o’clock morning and expected to all close at 6 pm.

The officer in charge for the national election at the MIA, Ministry of internal Affairs  Ms Takiakia remind all those who have registered their names to go and vote in their respective community or villages. The Ministry over radio Kiribati keep reminding all people that it is very important to make an effort to the polling station even for those who can not make it (cripple and handicap) to ask their families to find ways to drop them to the polling station.

Mr Rimeta Benianmina from the Boutokan Te Koaua party and Mr Taneti Maamau from Tobwan Kiribati party announced several times over radio Kiribati their campaign policy statements prior to the actual campaigning day today.

Tonight after the official closing of the national election at 6pm the official counting begins straight after. With Tarawa Teinaninano Councils, the counting will take place at the usual place in Teaoraereke next to the Island council head quarter, while the Betio Island council to do their official counting at the BTC head quarter too.

Normally the results will be announced over Radio Kiribati throughout the night till all completed. The past MP election in December, 2015 the official counts ended the other day around lunch hour. Lots of supporters all over Kiribati for sure will use the night to listen and update their records before the official announcement of who will take the Presidential seat for this coming 4 year term.’



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