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Outer Island Food and Water Project involves the supply and construction of rain water harvesting system on four selected islands; Beru, Tabnorth, Nonouti and Abemama. The project is financially supported by the International Fund for Agriculture Development. The Ministry of Lands, Environment and Agriculture Development is the implementing Ministry on behalf of the Kiribati Government, overseeing the overall implementation of the three components of the Project and joining hands with the Ministry of Public Works & Ultilities and the Foundation of the South Pacific – Kiribati.
In collaboration with the implementing authority MELAD, the Ministry of Public Works & Ultilities under Component 3 of the Project is now inviting interested tenders to bid for the Charter of Vessel to deliver its project materials to the islands of Beru, Abemama and Nonouti. Details of the project materials to be delivered and the requirements for the tender can all be sighted at MPWU.
All tenders will be addressed to the:
Ministry of Finance & Economic Development
Attention: Ruria Abere, KFSU.

The Closing date for Submission is on 2nd December 2016 at 4.00pm. Late submissions will not be accepted.

For further details, please contact Danietta Apisai at MELAD on 28211 or Martin Mataio at MPW&U on 26192/26142.

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