Taiwan funds AUD$600,000 for support Grant to Teatinimarawa Company Limited project

by Online editor.

(by Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Sand, Gravel and agregate are basic materials for the construction of schools, houses, hospital and so forth. To meet the growing demand of those elements in South Tarawa and protect beautiful beaches from being exploited, Te Atinimarawa Company Limited (TACL), a stae owned aggregate company, was established with the Environtmentally friendly lagoon dredging operation. TACL is expected to provide an alternative supply of sand and aggregates from the appropriate sites in lagoon for the construction use, such as South Tarawa Road project.

To support the efforts of the Government of Kiribati both for sustainable development and economic growth , the Government of the Republic of China(Taiwan) is pleases to provide the financial assistance in this project in the amount of AUD$6000,000.(09/1/2017)

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