Taiwan Mobile Medical Mission to arrive in Tarawa on 23rd March 2017.

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Date: 17/03/2017

Press Release

Taiwan Mobile Medical Mission is coming

The first Taiwan Mobile Medical Mission in the year 2017 will arrive South Tarawa on 23 March for providing medical services and rheumatic heart disease screening from 24 to 29 March. This team is composed of two cardiologists, one pediatric cardiologist, one ICU nurse, four medical students, four dentists and three experienced dental nurses. Cardiovascular clinic will be provided from 24 to 29 March (except Sunday) between 8:30am and 4:30pm, and 25 March 8:30 to 12:30pm. This year, cardiologists from Taiwan will continue the project of cardiac echo screening of rheumatic heart disease for secondary school students. Besides, for the first time, the dentists will cooperate with dental department of TCH to do dental exam fro primary school students and also carry out oral health education for teachers. To upgrade the quality of patient care, a workshop for nurses in TCH wil be organized by an experienced ICU nurse from Taiwan.

Director of International Medical Health Service of MacKay Memorial Hospital, Dr. Hsu, will lead this mission to enhance the mutual cooperation between Mackay and Tungaru central hospital. Besides, four medical students from MacKay Medical University will also join this mission to help with the dental health education and to hold a medical exchange with local interns.

This team is organized by MacKay Memorial Hospital which is sister hospital of Tungaru central hospital and funded by Taiwan government.

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