KNOC to prepare for the Queen’s Baton relay tour to Maiana.

KNOC to prepare for the Queen’s Baton relay tour to Maiana.

Story by Ataniman Tamuera/ku reporter.

(translated by Mataiti Bwebwe)

A group of KNOC officials have set their plan this weekend 20/10/17-22/10/17 to visit Maiana island in Tebangetua village for the official tour of the queen’s baton relay preparation.

The team will make good preparation for the queen’s baton relay with the people of Tebangetua in Maiana. Preparation counts on the official welcoming of the Queen’s baton by the people of Maiana, places that the baton will run and who are the people to carry the baton on the island.

The plan is a good experience for the people of Maiana and the Queen’s Baton relay organisors and for the people of Kiribati. Maiana is the home island of the current MP and Hon. David Collins and MP Kaure Baabo and the sweet home too for former President of Kiribati Anote Tong.

The queen’s Baton relay run every four years to the home of the Commonwealth country around the world. It begins it journey around the world from the last host country of the Commonwealth games and ends on the next host country of the commonwealth games, Gold Coast in Australia is the final relay leg.

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