The national exams begins for lower forms

The national exams begins for lower forms.

By Mataiti Bwebwe/KU reporter

The first Oral part of the English language exam for form 3 students across the nation begins today Friday 20/10 in all school respective areas.

Form 3 Students from SLHS and two from JSS reports to Kiribati Updates that they have their oral test in the morning and the exams will kick off all next week on Mathematics, English, Kiribati, Commerce, Industrial Arts, P.E and Home Economics, etc.

As they finish with their first part of their exam they plan to relax with movie entertainment at Elma movie theatre in Bairiki.  They told KU that going out to the movie in the afternoon is part of their relaxation mood in order to prepare them for the upcoming exams next week and the week after.

From 5s and Form 6s throughout the nation, will have their exams later in the week. Some, not many secondary schools and High schools students are now equip and prepare themselves for these exams later in the week. A teacher from KGV/EBS informed the KU that their seniors are now having their mock exams as part of the preparation exercises.

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