H.E gets personal chats with Kiribati’s prisoners in Italy

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H.E gets personal chats with Kiribati’s prisoners in Italy
ROME, ITALY, NOV 13TH 2017………President Taneti Maamau went behind bars on Sunday extending his warm greetings, doing counseling and hearing of the needs of the eight I-Kiribati prisoners for drug trafficking at three different prisons of the Government of Italy.
In an unprecedented visit by the Kiribati’s Head of State, President Maamau told these inmates who were formerly seamen of Hamburg Sud, to be very obedient, patient and be strong while serving their sentence imprisonment in Italy.
The six Kiribati citizens detained in Palmi prison include Teiti Burataake, Ataua Koraubara, Buranibeia Tiaon, Mareweata Karutaakea, Kabwebwenibeia Kakiaman and Teata Kinibura. Baketua Kirabuke was detained in Vibo Valentia and Tioti Ioataake was detained in Paola prison.
Every single one of them regretted of what they had done was wrong to their country and to the future of the young generations, and they conveyed their requests to President Taneti Maamau if they could go back home serving their sentence imprisonment there.
The eight Kiribati prisoners were all in good conditions, served well with their meals at their rooms, having clothes and most of them had started to learn the Italian language. The final judgment on their cases would be handed down in Court on November the twentieth.
President Taneti Maamau also highlighted the current Government’s initiative to find solutions to combat and dismantle this illegal practice by I-Kiribati seamen and urged them to assist the Government in this fight and to convey their messages to their colleagues, friends and sons that drug trafficking was dangerous with its bad implications on them when caught.
“As Kiribati is declared the champion in the fight against corruption in the Pacific, we should also work together and take the lead in this fight against doing illegal practices like drug trafficking and to ensure that our young seamen are free from doing it,” says President Maamau.

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