At Kiribati updates, we can place your advertising banner or picture at the following area with sizes below:
size width by Height Location

  • 228 X 62 on top of our news contents
  • 250 x 300 on Right side bar
  • plus other custom request you want, upon review and approval.
  • We can make the banner a clickable hyperlink which can link to your own website or facebook page and so on. If you don’t have your website or facebook page, no worries we can create a post about your promotion on our website page.

    Your promotion banner will appear and expire upon a scheduled period. Charges varies but affordable, please contact us at email below to find out.

    Why advertise with KU ?
    Kiribati Updates website it consistently posting news and other content on almost a daily or weekly basis. This have attracted I-kiribati locally and other international viewers/readers online to visit our site. We received around 100 or more visitors a day and average 1000 – 1500 a week or around 5000 per month.

    If you are interested to advertise with us, please email us at or call +686 73005110

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